The1992  Drum Workshop "Groove Setup" 


I bought this kit in 1994 at Pro Drum Shop in Hollywood Ca for $2100, a great deal at the time considering the same kit was going for $4500 at GC and other places around town. That was just the bass drums and four toms!

This kit has that classic warm and punchy DW sound. The deeper toms make it perfect for slow and mid tempo rock songs, but the entire kit is extremely versatile. The bass drum just sounds incredible!  


The kit was built in 1992. The finish is Black Mirra.


The Bass Drum is a 22", with 10", 12"' 14" and 15" toms. They are the DW 'standard' Maple shells


A few years ago, I added a 14" X 5.5" DW Black Nickle Over Brass Snare Drum.


I always have at least one REMO Spoke and a GIANT BRASS BELL somewhere in the set up. 


As for pedals and hardware, it's all DW, except for the Pearl Tom mounts. The BD pedal is a DW 5000 Accelerator. I often use as many as 3 hi-hats for the gigs that require funkier dance beats like THE LAST DANCE and MERCURINE.


Heads vary. For touring I use Remo Pinstripes, but these drums sound the best with Remo Coated Ambassadors or Emperors.


Sample Recordings:

The Prophetess All I Want DW Kit Sample

The Prophetess Murder DW Kit Sample

The Prophetess The Lover's Knot DW Drumkit Sample

© Tom Coyne 2011